The Daredevil

Every risk is an opportunity, and every rule can be broken

33% The Daredevil.


  • ICO Marketing Specialist
  • Investment Risk Manager / Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist / Influencer
  • Business Owner / Entrepreneur

If you asked the Daredevil to describe absolute hell, they would tell you (in great detail) that it looks like a small grey cubicle where they’d be supposed to deal with the same monotonous tasks every day without having any power to make decisions or time for casual networking. Oppressive routines and strict management is not something they can – or want – to live by.

Daredevils are extroverted and curious, so it’s only natural they want to have a finger in every pie: experiments, jumping from one task to another, trying each and every of their capabilities is what they thrive and feel most fulfilled at. Don’t be surprised if they drop everything to help a colleague who works in a very different position or even department, too!

Daredevils are real smooth talkers: meeting new people, charming their way into their hearts, influencing and persuading come naturally to them. They’re also not easily spooked by risk – in fact, they greet it enthusiastically, dive into experiments and improvisations head-first, observe every detail and adapt in a flash. These qualities make them excellent problem-solvers, especially when it comes to finding completely new approaches.

The thought of monotonous schedules, strict plans and structures makes the Daredevils’ blood run cold. Just as their name suggests, they are also not the ones to follow the rules: if work or other activity starts looking like a yawn-fest, they will waste no time finding a more entertaining distraction. Remember that kid at the back of the class, taking every opportunity to play Battleships during math? Yup, that might have been a Daredevil.