The Guardian

The first to step up, the last to shake up

1% The Guardian.


  • Business information manager
  • career-test-result.networkAuditorAwarenessAnalyst
  • IT / Network auditor
  • Ethical hacker
  • IT architect

To put it simply, Guardians are dream employees. They welcome their duties and responsibilities with open arms, dedicate all the time and effort required to complete their tasks quickly and effectively, and never complain about strict routines – in fact, they enjoy them. While they do like helping others, they don’t treat it as a welcome distraction: a Guardian will only lend a helping hand when they’re sure they’re in a good place with their own projects.

To be honest, Guardians don’t really dig the concept of distractions at all, as they tend to avoid any preventable changes and deviations from their usual schedule or plan. The only change they fancy is optimizing: Guardians excel at building systems that make their work run even more smoothly.

Due to a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty, Guardians are extremely dedicated to their work. They take their obligations very seriously, so every achievement feels personal… And while so does failure, it’s not something that patient, persistent, and productive Guardians experience often! Moreover, excellent memory, investigative skills, and attentiveness make them great at solving complex problems. If there’s anyone who can come up with a solution that leaves everyone satisfied – it’s the Guardian.

Guardians feel uneasy when they don’t have a clear plan ahead of them. Lovers of routine, tradition, and organization, they don’t particularly love changes and transformations that require them to adapt and alter their approach. They are also quick to take any criticism personally, and while it is a direct result of being extra responsible, it’s not always the best quality to have in a dynamic work environment.