Markus Thomas is a passionate Computer Science student. This course could help him in his future career as a Web Developer.

Markus's l'histoire

I am currently a 400 level Computer Science student at Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola. I was on Industrial Training before the COVID-19 lock-down began. I worked in a private school before my admission to MAUTech. When I got admitted, I was the one sponsoring myself; I didn't receive a penny from any angle.

I have a passion for learning, but I have no one who would support me because I'm from a polygamous and less privileged family. Since this COVID-19 began, life has not been good for me. Even to buy food and pay my house rent or bills has not been easy for me because everything is locked, and I can't do a laborer job to support myself.

I sought for help from some people whom I know (especially those who represent me at the National Assembly) – none could help me. I wanted to utilize this lock-down and learn something online, but there's no money to subscribe to Data Bundle and Courses.

If there's any way someone sees this, please, I really need a person who could help me subscribe to this course. This course could help me improve my career in Web Development and become self-reliant.

I would be thrilled if anyone sees this and decides to help.
Thank you to my anticipated sponsor(s).

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