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Why and How to Become a Game Designer?

First and foremost, game designers are specialists who have extensive knowledge about the gaming industry. They are capable of identifying the features that work, and which diminish the user experience. Besides loving games, game designers are the people that decide the way a game will look. For the most part, game designers repeat and polish the time-tested strategies, but sometimes, they take more unusual routes to test their ideas.

Game designers are valued not only for their creative mindsets but also for their technical background. For instance, such specialists are expected to be confident when working with Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Unity. Therefore, you need to understand prototyping, modeling, visual effects, compositing, and other critical concepts of game development.

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Your Learning Path


Tips and Tricks for Engaging Mobile Game Art

Learn how to design beautiful backgrounds, final game screens, level objectives and other game assets in Adobe Photoshop for mobile games.

Yohann Taieb 17 lectures
Meilleurs astuces pour créer un jeu mobile sans être un artiste

Apprenez les différentes façons de créer un jeu mobile pour les non-artistes

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Start Using Blender and Create 3D Models

Find out the essentials for producing 3D models and animations with Blender. This tool is a must for any game designer!

Devslopes by Mark Price 41 lectures
Tutoriel Blender : animation Blender et réalisation de jeux 3D

Apprenez à créer une animation 3D et des modèles 3D pour des jeux et des moteurs comme Unreal ou Unity 3D

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Add 3D Pixel Graphics to Your Game

Pixel art is guaranteed to make players feel nostalgic – learn about pixel art character modeling by creating the most famous superheroes.

Yohann Taieb 44 lectures
Tuto animation unity pour les nuls : Maîtrisez l'animation unity

Tuto animation unity pour les nuls pour apprendre unity et créer des personnages pixels art

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Designing Environments: Intro to Voxel Environments

Learn how to build Voxel art environments and become an architect of realistic worlds.

Yohann Taieb 13 lectures
Cous Unity3D : créez des cadres incroyables en pixel art

Un tuto Unity pour créer des environnements pixel art

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How to Create Terrain and Unique Worlds For Your Game

Master the process of adding various objects to empty terrains. Add rustic houses, roads, mailboxes, rivers, and other objects to set the scene for your game.

Yohann Taieb 14 lectures
Tutoriel Unity: apprendre à créer son monde rapidement

Suivez ce didacticiel sur Unity pour apprendre unity et apprendre à générer rapidement des mondes uniques.

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How to Sell Your Designs on Unity

Developed some extraordinary models? Learn how to share them on the Unity Asset Store and make a profit!

Yohann Taieb 14 lectures
Guide vidéo complet sur l'Asset Unity Store

Apprenez à tirer pleinement parti du magasin de ressources Unity

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You will learn from these experts

Yohann Taieb

Yohann is among the leading instructors in mobile game programming. He helped over 50,000 students to publish and reach top spots with the apps they created.

Mark Price

Mark is obsessed with creating in-depth, very detailed online tutorials on many topics related to development. He’s a CEO of Devslopes, and a valuable resource in your career path.

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