Quick Steps to Instagram Promotion and LinkedIn

Facebook and Youtube are giants, but the social media market has really expanded in recent years. Tools like Instagram promotion and LinkedIn marketing can really boost your BitDegree sales. Here you will learn how to promote your business of online teaching through these platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. 

There you will reach a different kind of users.


LinkedIn is a network of business professionals who network, share tips and look for employment opportunities. As a BitDegree instructor you can use a couple of LinkedIn marketing tips.

  • Bio - create a catchy but professional description, where you include the promo code.
  • Public posts - publish serious quality content. For example, you can post about the benefits of learning and self-improvement or something specific like JavaScript tips, if coding is what you teach. Always include the Promo code at the end.
  • Join a LinkedIn group - there are numerous LinkedIn groups for almost every topic. Join them, share your expertise and promote your courses.
  • Export the email list - as you might already know, email is a very well-converting channel. Export a list of followers’ emails and send specific, precise tailored promotional messages to them.

As a starting point, use this email template below:


Hi [name],

If you are interested in [insert topic, for example, business development], you should check out my course [title, link]. 

[Write two key selling points of this course, for example:]

[First selling point] This is a comprehensive course in which you will learn how to transform a great idea into a real business. [Second selling point] I am teaching from my personal experience. I launched a successful startup a few years ago, and this is an excellent opportunity to hear my story, first-hand experiences and learn from my mistakes!

You can view the first introductory lecture for free here [link with the Instructor’s Promo]. If you use this link to buy the course, you’ll get a special [x] discount! 

Finally, if you think this course would be useful to some of your friends or colleagues, feel free to share the link via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or other channels.


[Your name]


Instagram Promotion

When it comes to photos and other visual content, Instagram is the king. Instagram promotion is a very useful tool to attract and engage your audience.

  • Bio - create a catchy description and include the Instructor’s Promo code.
  • Use hashtags - reach an audience via specific keywords.
  • Sometimes an Instagram story will work much better than an Instagram post. Stories are a great way to show your other side with short slice-of-life videos.
  • IGTV - is the newest feature of Instagram marketing which allows you to upload longer videos. Post your introductory lecture on IGTV to introduce yourself via this innovative product.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an amazing tool for short, to-the-point messages.

  • Bio - create a catchy description and include the Promo code.
  • Use hashtags - Twitter marketing without them hardly works. Hashtags make it easier to find your tweets.
  • Influencers - influencer marketing is big these days. Cite, link, mention famous influencers or experts in your field. Try to start a discussion and bring some attention to you and your material.
  • Useful bits of information - only short posts are allowed on Twitter, so use this feature to your advantage. Post interesting facts, tips, tricks and advice from your field. Don't forget to link to the course with your Promo code.

How to Promote Your Business of Online Teaching?

LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram promotion are just a few of the paths to course promotion. Do the research. For example, read through forums and discussion groups and find out which platform fits your course the best. Maybe instead of spending time on Instagram promotion, you should focus on Reddit. It all depends on what you are teaching. Instagram marketing is not an answer for every instructor.

And don't forget that Promo Code lets you attract more students and earn. So find the best platforms to share the Promo Code on.

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